Manufacturers of  Spline / Serration / Rack Rolling Dies.
Manufacturers of CNC Rack-Rolling Machines,CNC / Hydraulic Spline / Thread Rolling Machines of 16, 20, 24, 30, 40 & 60 tons capacites

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Spline / Serration / Rack Rolling Dyes
SPLINETECH is specialized in designing the spline rolls with the help of software developed in-house. Spline form varies from customer to customer ie.,one customer requires 1 module with 30?pressure angle, another requires 1 module with 37.5?or 45?PA. same way the depth of the form varies from customer to customer. Our software designs the proper form required on the spline rolling dies. The masters are ground as per the computer design on our Master Grinding machine manufactured in-house. With these masters, wheels are formed on high precision Gear Grinding machines of Reishauer and Matrix makes. The rolls are stress relieved before dispatch. We also have a special treatment facility of sub zero treatment in-house.

SPLINETECH also designs, manufactures and reforms Rack Rolling dies suitable for Rack Rolling machines manufactured by Japanese as well as machines from other countries. Splinetech has designed rolls for rolling components designed for hobbing including 20?pressure angle in some cases. We undertake spline / form rolling on R & D basis when customer requires special forms.

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