Manufacturers of  Spline / Serration / Rack Rolling Dies.
Manufacturers of CNC Rack-Rolling Machines,CNC / Hydraulic Spline / Thread Rolling Machines of 16, 20, 24, 30, 40 & 60 tons capacites

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30 Ton Hydraulic Thread / Spline Rolling Machine
Saddle and Job movements in the case of Spline Rolling are on imported Linear Guides. On Thread Rolling Machine, we can roll Threads by Plunge Rolling as well as Thru-Feed System of Rolling for longer threads. In case of Spline Rolling, we can roll by Plunge rolling, Incremental rolling as well Force Feeding system of rolling for longer splines even upto 400 mm long with short width rolls. One ex: we have rolled 12 mm dia x 16 teeth x 430 mm long for Wipro high speed printer.
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