Manufacturers of  Spline / Serration / Rack Rolling Dies.
Manufacturers of CNC Rack-Rolling Machines,CNC / Hydraulic Spline / Thread Rolling Machines of 16, 20, 24, 30, 40 & 60 tons capacites

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CNC Rack-Rolling Machine
This machine is designed to produce Splines, Serrations, Oil Grooves, Threads and special forms. This is a cold forming process, where components are rolled between two Racks. In a  single cycle, we can roll, Splines as well as Threads simultaneously or two different Splines one with helical and one with straight serrations, etc. one of our machines is tooled up to roll motor bike kick shaft with 1 module, 0.5 module and 0.43 module for rolling all three splines in a single cycle.

Some of the many advantages of this machine over other Spline/Thread Rolling Machines, are:

  High production

  High accuracy
Superb Surface Finish
  Increased Strength
Power Saving
  Low Noise
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