Manufacturers of  Spline / Serration / Rack Rolling Dies.
Manufacturers of CNC Rack-Rolling Machines,CNC / Hydraulic Spline / Thread Rolling Machines of 16, 20, 24, 30, 40 & 60 tons capacites

The Hand of JESUS has done this
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Our Strengths

Special features  are standard on our Thread and Spline Rolling Machines

AC Variable Speed Drive controls the Roll Shaft to any required RPM to roll the particular component.

PLC to get the most reliable automatic cycle.

Central Lubrication System for all moving parts which is monitored with the help of PLC program.

Bosch Elements for hydraulic power pack - one of the most expensive and reliable hydraulic products available..

High precision imported Linear Guides are used on saddle movement and for job movement in the case of spline rolling machines for higher accuracy and easier replacement later.

Backlash Eliminator

All above items are included in the price of the machine.

Operator Panel with multi colour touch screen control  and user friendly HMI of most modern design can be supplied at nominal additional charge on customer's request.

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