Manufacturers of  Spline / Serration / Rack Rolling Dies.
Manufacturers of CNC Rack-Rolling Machines,CNC / Hydraulic Spline / Thread Rolling Machines of 16, 20, 24, 30, 40 & 60 tons capacites

The Hand of JESUS has done this
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No raw material is wasted. Smaller Blank Dia is taken & rolled to the full form.

The finish is very high. No further finishing operation is necessary.

This is a cold forge forming without removing chips. Therefore, the microstructure improves, hence, longer life of the Rolled Splines.

The roll life is considerably more than the hob life, hence, lesser settings and greater consistency.

There is lesser rejection because of greater consistency, finish and long tool life.

Rolling is much faster than hobbing. Some cases, 1/10th of hobbing time.

Specialized in Two Roll Thread Rolling Machines for rolling of Scaffolding pipes and Solids with 4 TPI, ACME, etc.

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